Alex Puccio Rock Climber

Alex Puccio – FUGOO Brand Ambassador

We’re proud to officially welcome Alex Puccio to the FUGOO Brand Ambassador team. Alex is a professional Rock Climber, Bouldering Superstar and all around outdoor enthusiast. We first met up with Alex in Vail, Colorado at the GoPro Mountain Games and hit it off with her immediately. Her passion for the outdoors and exploration are completely contagious.

We’re extremely excited to welcome Alex to the FUGOO team and to the #FUGOOmovement – here is Alex Puccio’s first entry to the FUGOO Journal.


Hi my name is Alex Puccio and I’m a professional Rock Climber. I have been climbing for about 12 years and professionally for about 9. Climbing has changed my life in so many ways. I’m very excited to be apart of the FUGOO Ambassador Team and to be able to take my music literally EVERYWHERE with me! Music is such a massive part of climbing and my life in general. Having music with me is a must! I probably listen to music about 80% of my day. When I’m in the car Im playing music, when I’m running, when I’m climbing, when iI’m training and in competitions. Music really helps me set the mood I want to be in at that moment. Sometimes I want to be more relaxed like at a competition to calm my nerves and sometimes if I’m training I need to be more psyched and motivated so I’ll listen something more up beat. I really use music as a tool to get me in the mental state in which I need to be in.

Alex Puccio Bouldering

For the past few months I have been doing a lot of competitions. Some competitions have been big and some have been more local. At the end of September I was in Boston for a Pro Women’s only Competition called “The Heist”. It was a really fun and crowd pleasing event. Being Women only it was a very unique competition. After the Qualifiers was over I was in a commanding lead in first place. Going into finals I was a little tired, but still feeling pumped. I sat in my chair waiting for my turn to climb and see if I had what it took to keep my first place spot. After the first climb I was still in first, but I messed up on the second climb and that started my decline and in the end I walked away in second place. It wasn’t my best competing, but also not my worst. In the end I still had an amazing time laughing, chilling and competing with my girlfriends! No matter how I do after every competition I always look back on it and think of some positive things to take away form it and some things I need to improve on. Even if you win there are things you can always Improve on if its mental or physical.

About two weeks later there was another competition called “The Portland Boulder Rally”. I was excited to attend and have another shot at standing on top of the podium. This competition was more traditional since there were men and woman competing and it was more of a standard format. I had won this competition the previous year so I had a bit more pressure going into it this time around. Qualifiers stared and I was feeling a little shaky, but still strong. After the first time I fell in the competition my nerves started to settle. I relaxed more and started to have more fun and just enjoying the competition and being there with my friends. I climbed really well in qualifiers and ended up in first place going into finals which was later that night.

Alex Puccio Climbing

After resting for a few hours and getting some lunch food form Whole Foods or Whole Paycheck as we like to call it we made our way back to the gym for finals. I was feeling the pressure for sure, but I love the feeling of begin nervous! I know I’m a bit weird. :)

Finals stared and since I was first going into the round meant I was last to climb. Knowing how all the other girls did I knew I had to complete the climbs. There were 4 climbs and I was the only girl to do all of them! After climb 3 I had already won he competition. I was very thrilled to be back on top again! :)

On the return, back in Boulder colorado where I live, I decided I needed a little break from competitions. Now for the past few weeks I have been training and climbing outside and just enjoying the weather. The weather has been AMAZING and I know winter is just about here so getting the last bit of warmth in is necessary! I also work as a climbing coach at ABS kids climbing. I coach there 5 days a week and absolutely love it! Tho being a professional Rock Climber is my main job coaching the kids climbing team is just as important to me. I feel its one way I can give back to the sport that has given me so much! :)

Alex Puccio Rock Climber


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Again, we’re super excited to welcome Alex Puccio to the #FUGOOmovement – show her some love in the comments and make sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about Alex at her Ambassador page on our website.