Bigcommerce Case Study: FUGOO

Original Post 12/15/15

Business goal: Building a big brand in a crowded market

FUGOO’s bluetooth speakers were built to compete on a global scale, but the company first had to find a way to get them into the hands of customers. Faced with the challenge of competing against several well-known speaker manufacturers that spend millions on advertising, the FUGOO team knew it would need to make a bold first impression to generate buzz and introduce the brand in a memorable way. The company set out to launch an online store during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, with plans to drive traffic to it through targeted PR and product reviews.

FUGOO brought branding agency and Bigcommerce Partner Magnetic Creative on board to help rapidly grow brand awareness and market share in the crowded consumer electronics space. Magnetic created a splashy, professional ecommerce site to showcase and sell FUGOO’s unique line of “go anywhere” speakers, while also creating a brand voice that positioned the company as a credible competitor to industry heavyweights.

Bigcommerce benefit: Fully customizable, easy to use

To power the brand’s online store, FUGOO and Magnetic selected Bigcommerce for its highly customizable platform, powerful SEO and easy-to-master administrative tools. Using Bigcommerce’s development framework, Magnetic collaborated with FUGOO to design and launch a striking, content-rich and conversion-friendly website that gave the new company the polish and panache of a big, global brand.


Even before its first sale, FUGOO knew its products had the right mix of stylish design, high-quality components and competitive pricing to succeed. CEO Gary Elsasser was an industry veteran who contributed to the creation of standards such as Bluetooth, and his team had previously designed and built top-selling products for leading electronics companies like Toshiba and Gateway. However, launching a product line without the benefit of brand recognition was a new challenge — one made more difficult by a limited budget and aggressive two-month timeline.
Elsasser and his team decided to focus the brand on a niche market they could be passionate about — music lovers with active lifestyles. Lacking the in-house resources to develop an online sales and marketing program that would put them on par with the titans of the speaker world, Elsasser tasked Magnetic Creative with creating an online presence that would elevate FUGOO’s brand. They started with the critical task of choosing an ecommerce platform to power the company’s online store.
“I had seen other companies I’d worked with choose the wrong size of platform and nearly kill the company. So I knew how important it was to find a platform that would not only give us the flexibility we needed to quickly create a custom website on a tight budget, but that would enable us to grow over time,” Elsasser said.


After comparing a number of platforms, FUGOO and Magnetic decided that Bigcommerce was the right solution for a quick, impactful launch. “Bigcommerce stood out as a solution my small team and I could manage ourselves. It also didn’t require the upfront investment that other platforms did, and provided us ample room to grow,” said Elsasser.
In just two months, Magnetic and FUGOO designed and created a fully customized, experiential site that brought the FUGOO brand to life. Knowing FUGOO would need to rank highly in organic search results to compete with other speaker brands’ massive ad budgets, Magnetic implemented a comprehensive optimization strategy leveraging Bigcommerce’s built-in SEO tools. Their goal was to ensure the site was built to take advantage of the positive product reviews and PR expected at launch. To further differentiate the brand and capitalize on word of mouth, the company also invested in creating exceptional customer support by integrating customer service platform Zendesk through the Bigcommerce Marketplace. FUGOO’s public relations campaign, targeted digital ad buys and customer experience investments were the perfect mix of low-cost tactics to yield high-impact results.


FUGOO launched to great fanfare, garnering a number of positive reviews and excellent media interest at CES. Since launching, the company has continued to hone its SEO content to not only gain control of long-tail search terms, but secure first-page placement in search results for several highly competitive keywords. Fueled by its strong launch and growing brand recognition, the company forecasts 300% year-over-year revenue growth, and even stronger expansion in the future.
FUGOO’s Bigcommerce site hasn’t only helped the company sell more products online, but also secure distribution in more than 1,200 retail locations, including a recent partnership with Best Buy. The company now has its sights set on product and geographic expansion, with new additions to its lineup of speakers and new sales markets like New Zealand, Australia, Germany, China and Canada.

“We’re extremely proud of the site we created with Magnetic and Bigcommerce. The site is so professional and compelling that both consumers and retailers are aghast when they find out we’re a 13-person company. Our site has been a source of great credibility for us, and it’s without a doubt a major driver of our success,” Elsasser said.

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