Bluetooth Speaker for Camping

With 40 Hours of Power, There Are No Limits – Bluetooth Speaker Battery Life

We got sick of portable speakers that barely last. You know the ones—they don’t produce quality sound, and die halfway through your favorite tune. What’s the point of portable tech if it doesn’t last all day…and all night?

When we started designing the Fugoo speaker, we wanted to create something that lasted more than 10 hours. Actually, we wanted to design a speaker that could blast through a full day. At least 40 hours to be exact. That’s right—40 hours. We wanted a high-quality speaker that would play music for almost 2 days straight before it needed to recharge. Or if you chalk it up to working hours, that an entire week!

What can you do in 40 hours? A lot… Bike. Camp. Hike. Swim. Run. Kayak. Party. Sleep, and then party some more. And that’s just one trip for you. How about the day-to-day stuff, like cleaning the house, playing Frisbee with the dog, cooking dinner, running errands, and zoning out on the couch after a long day, all while listening to your favorite music. You zone out, wake up the next day, and the music is still playing. Forget the bunny, Fugoo seriously just keeps going and going…

To design such a speaker, we knew the electrical connection had to be optimized to deliver consistent battery power to the system. Optimized to sustain minimal loss. So how exactly would we do it? How could we achieve maximum battery efficiency?

All batteries have some amount of internal resistance, which results in some of the power being converted to heat inside the battery. The higher the internal resistance, the more power will be lost to the battery’s internal heat, and that power is then no longer available to the functionality of the system. The Fugoo speaker battery, however, is optimized for low internal resistance, which thus minimizes the loss of power to heat. Additionally, the Fugoo battery is optimized for watt-hour capacity and discharge characteristics specific to the Fugoo speaker system, which contributes to extended continuous playtime. The result: an unprecedented 40 hours of battery life for an elite sound quality speaker.

Bluetooth speaker battery life is essential to road trips, beach trips, camping trips, trips of all shapes and sizes. You definitely need a portable speaker when there’s no viable music player at your friend’s cabin or when you’re on that 2-day hike up Half Dome.

We also knew that the sustained battery life had to integrate with the sound technology in order to achieve maximum efficiency for extended use. That’s why we approached sound design with class-D amplifiers. Known for their inherent efficiency, we maximized their power by tuning the amplifiers to operate in their most efficient range. Basically we balanced the amplifier supply voltage with amplifier power output and Total Harmonic Distortion. Add that to proper load balancing and you’ve got an optimized way to achieve exceptional amplifier efficiency with minimal power. Boom. Literally.

Our approach to efficiency is what allows the Fugoo speaker to achieve the previously unheard of 40 hours of continuous playtime with the best in sound quality. Each and every system element was inspired by the idea of maximum efficacy in mind, resulting in all useable battery power, transformed into what really matters…music.

Now you can enjoy clear, quality sound for as long as your excursion takes without worrying about battery changes or sound issues. The Fugoo speaker offers the soundtrack to each adrenaline rush, and everything in between.

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