Boarding for Breast Cancer

Boarding for Breast Cancer Partnership

FUGOO is deeply engrained in the action sports lifestyle and culture, and fully committed to supporting the riders, adventurers and organizations it consists of. That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC), one of the smartest and most impactful cancer non-profits out there.

Just like FUGOO, B4BC is highly active in the action sports community. It’s led by former X-Games competitors, Olympic medalists, and successful action sports industry film producers. While we’re focused on providing the soundtrack to your adventures, they’re busy with a much higher calling. Founded on the memory of a 26 year-old woman named Monica Steward who fell victim to breast cancer because of a delayed diagnosis, B4BC focuses on spreading breast cancer detection education and helping young women recognize the signs so they can stop it before it becomes untreatable. 

They’ve hosted tours, sponsored events, and even held their own music festivals featuring bands such as the Beastie Boys, Blink 182 and Foo Fighters. In all their efforts they use the power of education to inspire and impact positive lifestyle changes. While there are a lot non-profit groups valiantly fighting to help prevent breast cancer, B4BC’s involvement with action sports and its celebrities have given them the ability to connect with young people in a way others can’t. 

We’re Helping Fight Cancer with Boardriders and Promo Codes

For every purchase that includes the offer code B4BC10, FUGOO is proud to donate 10% of the net proceeds to this noble cause. The specific effort we’re currently supporting is the Check One, Two® Educational Outreach Tour, which will be traveling to college campuses and action sports & youth lifestyle events in 2014. It’s an amazingly brilliant event where students receive “coaching” on methods of early detection, and have an opportunity to experience what a “lump feels like” through the use of life-like jelly breast molds. Students also can test their “Breast & Health Knowledge” and win prizes with a Q&A game session designed to help identify fact from fiction, dispel common myths, and prompt a conversation about health practices conducive to a young person’s daily life. 

To see if your town or college is on their list, visit  To help us help them as much as we can, be sure to use promo code B4BC10 on your next purchase.