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Full Circle with Ryan Moss

I’m not going into the unknown of life or death. I will not change the world or cure cancer by doing this. I will definitely not win a nobel prize and be showered with sponsorship offers or be considered the greatest hiker of all time. But, I will once again be a changed person and have the personal satisfaction of not being afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I may also inspire someone else to step outside their comfort zone.

Alex Puccio earns 9th ABS National Bouldering Champion Title

The past three weeks have been packed with climbing competitions! I was lucky this season to compete in two pro-level competitions leading up to ABS Nationals. The first was the DiNamik competition in Salt Lake City, UT during the winter outdoor retailer trade show in January. This was the second year for the DiNamik comp at the Front Climbing Club. This competition had a red point qualifier with an on-sight format Pro Finals. Being that the comp was during the kick-off of the winter OR, a lot of pros showed up.

Mavericks with Ryan Moss

So the story of my life goes just when I think I’m going to get a moment to myself, be able to collect my thoughts and reflect something pops up on my radar. Marc Beaty from Surfline notified me that Mavericks would be going XXL on the Saturday I was supposed to be returning to California. My initial plans were to head down to San Louis Obispo and finish all the editing for the G-Technology and San Disk with Lucas Gilman. However this news threw a kink in my plans.

Adventures of a Surf Photographer

Ryan Moss is someone we feel lucky to know and even luckier to have on our Ambassador team. He’s an amazing surf photographer, an adrenaline junky and someone who rarely, if ever, says no. He’s got ADD but controls it in a way that seems to work to his advantage. People will call him in the middle of the night, between trips, to ask if he can jump on an early flight because the waves will be firing in some remote location and they need someone to document it. Consistently, his answer is yes.

Joe’s Valley with Alex Puccio

What a month November has been. First off I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner and break! My favorite was all the pie eating. :) now its time to… Read More