FUGOO in Apple Stores

FUGOO in Apple Stores

We’re excited, proud and honored to announce that FUGOO is officially on its first retail shelf… the Apple Store. Apple stores all over the US have started seeing FUGOO + Sport hit their shelves over the past week. Pictures have been coming in through friends, family and social media over the past few weeks showing FUGOO hanging out in various Apple Stores stocking rooms. This past week we’ve seen them hitting the actual sales floor and couldn’t be more proud.

Apple Stores carry FUGOO Sport

Everyone at FUGOO has worked tirelessly to grow the product to where it stands today. Trust us, we are only getting started. Up until now we’ve relied solely on our website for sales. We’ve made a huge effort to take part in outdoor events to show off the audio quality and durability of FUGOO in person. We know and understand how important it is to touch, feel and hear a Bluetooth speaker before making that final decision on which one is right for you. We feel like this step is a huge one in the right direction.

FUGOO Sport in Apple Stores

Expect to see FUGOO + Sport in your local Apple Stores the next time you visit. FUGOO should also be showing up in the online Apple Stores within the next week or two as they rollout the entire line of waterproof Bluetooth speakers to their online shopping experience.

Again, everyone here at FUGOO is extremely excited, proud and honored about this huge step. From everyone here, we would like to extend a big Thank You to everyone on the Apple retail team and to everyone on the FUGOO team for all their hard work and dedication getting the brand to this point. We’re excited to continue evolving the Go Anywhere Speaker and to continue to innovate premium quality products.

If you’ve seen FUGOO in your local Apple Stores, please share your pics with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We seriously smile ear-to-ear every time we see one come through.

Thanks again for all your support!