FUGOO Firmware Update 1.00.36 BETA

We have been listening to your feedback and have been hard at work on improvements to the FUGOO Speakers Software.  I’d like to offer you and others the ability to download our newest Beta FUGOO Software 1.00.36. FUGOO Firmware Update 1.00.36 has all of the improvements of 1.00.27 (our current released software) with additional improvements in sound quality and loudness.  If you would like to review all the other improvements, you can read more here.

We have made many improvements to the FUGOO Speakers Software in the past few months, but the key one you may enjoy is around improved loudness.

There are two modes for loudness: Normal Mode, and Loud Mode. These modes can be toggled back and forth by simultaneously pressing and holding the Action button (O) while pressing the Power button to power the speaker on.

For Beta version 1.00.36 in Normal Mode we have improved the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to increase the overall loudness of most songs, and at the same time limiting the loudness of certain songs to limit or prevent distortion. Songs that were recorded and mastered at a relatively low level will be boosted in loudness, while songs that were recorded and mastered at a very high level and can reach distortion are boosted less to limit or prevent distortion. Streaming services like Pandora and iTunes Radio will have an across the board increase in loudness in Normal Mode on version 1.00.36 compared to previous firmware versions.

In Loud Mode, we use the same smart DSP algorithm, and we boost the overall gain to achieve an even louder experience. Loud Mode is great for outdoor use when you want that extra loudness out by the pool or beach or barbecue party and some amount of distortion on some songs is not obvious in that environment.

We hope this improves your experience with FUGOO and know that we will continue to improve the product down the road.

Thanks for the opportunity,

FUGOO Support


  • Dustin

    How much difference did the Beta update make in terms of loudness? I like everything about the fugoo but the pre-update sound comparisons make me nervous that it might not be loud enough for what we need..

    • http://www.fugoo.com Gary Elsasser

      It makes quite a positive different Dustin. I’ll give you some baseline improvements. From current shipping firmware, it takes Pandora Streaming Music up 23% louder in normal mode and iTunes Radio goes up 33%! Other content varies but quite a bit is similar.

      Then Loud Mode adds even more Loudness when your outside and playing. We have had content go as high as 50% louder. Though 20-30% is more likely.

      We also did further improvements in the audio quality across the board.

      Hope that helps!

      FUGOO Support

      • Dustin

        Thanks for the response!
        Decided to give it a go! I’ll comment back once I get the chance to test it out!

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  • Larry Rick Smith

    Just updated. I’ll be able to check the difference tomorrow while driving. Today was 13 hours of pandora “Flogging Molly” channel for a change from my normal Reggae mix.

  • David Savopoulos

    I would like to add a few comments for the Fugoo Team:

    1. The enthusiasm and fervor with which the Fugoo Team approaches customer service is simply astounding when compared with most companies that look to get customers off their back after the sale, instead of encouraging them to participate in the product improvement process.
    2. I have been involved with high-end audio/video for several decades, and am seldom impressed with new product claims. You have not only met your claims, but exceeded my every expectation with the Fugoo Speaker. It delivers true audiophile sound (to scale, of course), and is a quality product from top to bottom. Even the time you spent with package design and function is impressive.
    3. Please do not lose what has made your initial product launch so successful! You are an awesome company that will succeed in everything you do as long as you stick with the principles that got you this far. Bravo.
    4. Your upgrades are timely and make significant improvements – can’t say enough here!
    5. You need to emphasize the value that $199 brings with it. Yes, that is a significant sum for a portable speaker. But for those needing one, look at everything that $199 buys! Especially the versatility, true 40-hour run-time and the ruggedness of your product when compared to EVERYTHING out there.
    6. Let me know when you decide to go public, as I would love to invest in Fugoo! :)

    Footnote: to anyone out there that is going to upgrade their Fugoo firmware, be sure to avoid one pitfall that gave me some headache! The supplied data cable MUST be used when upgrading your speaker firmware. I tried to use a standard USB cable and it would not facilitate the upgrade. The supplied cable is different than standard cables. Don’t be a knucklehead like me!

    Thanks again to the whole team at Fugoo for a wonderful speaker. You have renewed my faith. I was starting to think that nobody out there really cared about things like quality, service, pride in workmanship, VALUE, etc. It’s obvious you have excellent leadership and have hired quality people at every organizational level.

    • http://www.fugoo.com/ FUGOO

      David – thanks so much for your review and support. The product in its current form has been something that we’ve been overly excited to bring to market. The Bluetooth Speaker market has been growing for a while. No secret there. We were confident, though, as we developed the product that we had something that would push the product/market to a new level.

      Our enthusiasm is real and not something that we plan to lose sight of. Ever. Our company is organic in nature and we will continue to push. We have more exciting updates coming in the near future that we think will exemplify your support.

      Thanks again and let us know if you have any questions on the product, updates or accessories.