FUGOO Firmware update

FUGOO Firmware update + Speaker Update Software for MAC

Two exciting updates were released earlier this week here at FUGOO. Both are available now on the DOWNLOADS page of our website. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

Speaker Update Software for MAC released

The FUGOO Speaker Update Software for MAC users is available for immediate download. Once downloaded and installed, this software allows you to update the operating software of your FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker. If you’re a PC user, we have a Speaker Update Software available for you as well, listed just below the MAC version on the downloads page.

The software in your speaker determines its functionality and its personality. Updates can add features, change the voice prompt language, or install new voice prompts and alert sounds to suit your taste.

The update process is pretty simple. Before starting, go to fugoo.com/downloads and download the appropriate update file. Then connect the speaker to your computer using the supplied USB cable and run the software. Follow the instructions to select the speaker and firmware file and then apply the update. After backing up the current settings, the new settings and firmware will be applied to the speaker.

At the end of the update process, the speaker is ready to use with its newly updated software.

FUGOO Firmware Update Version 1.00.27 released

This is an exciting announcement for us. Since we launched the product earlier this year, we’ve had a lot of great feedback from our growing community. Through reviews, social interactions, customer support engagement and personal communication. We’ve received a lot of great product update requests, which we love. We’re constantly on the hunt to make FUGOO better and to evolve the product. We believe this firmware update to be a great start to the evolution.

The FUGOO firmware update provides a ton of new control over the functionality and customizability of the speaker. See below for a full list of updates, improvements and new functionalities we’ve added with this software update.

  • Added support for “Voice Prompt is Low” mode. Now, there are three different Voice Prompt modes accessed while powering up by also holding the + and – buttons. Each power up with these buttons held rotates between the three modes below.
    1. Voice Prompt is Normal – Volume level of voice prompts and tones played on speaker is set to volume level 10
    2. Voice Prompt is Low – Volume level of voice prompts and tones played on speaker is set to volume level 7
    3. Voice Prompts are Off – No voice prompts and tones played except for very few like Pairing Voice Prompt
  • Improved “Volume Max” tone indication: it plays only one time now when Volume Up (+) button is “pressed and held” to get to maximum volume. Previously it would play continuously during Volume Up (+) “press and hold”.
  • Removed “Volume Change” and “Volume Minimum” tones.
  • Removed “Powering Off” voice prompts and tones played during following 2 timeout events. Timeout events are implemented to save your battery power when the unit is not used.
    1. Event 1: When the speaker is powered on and it is not connected to any source device for 15 mins.
    2. Event 2: When speaker is powered on and connected to source device and there is 1 hr of inactivity (no music played, no speakerphone mode use, no buttons pressed, etc.)
  • Improved green LED indication during charging. Green LED now turns to solid GREEN when battery is fully charged.
  • Added support for fast charging using a wider array of 3rd party micro USB chargers including many Apple chargers.
  • Added support for auto-updating Speaker Battery icon indicator displayed on certain Apple products like iPhone and iPad.
  • Added support for “Battery is one quarter” voice prompt. Now, there are total of 7 battery related voice prompts that could be played when user checks for battery status:
    1. Battery is full
    2. Battery is almost full
    3. Battery is three quarters
    4. Battery is half
    5. Battery is one quarter
    6. Battery is low
    7. Please recharge the battery (implies no charge left on battery and unit will be powered down at this time)
  • Added support for battery notification using different blinking patterns on green LED when user checks for battery status. This is primarily to provide indication to users who have turned off voice prompts.
    1. Battery is full – Green LED blinks 6 times
    2. Battery is almost full – Green LED blinks 5 times
    3. Battery is three quarters – Green LED blinks 4 times
    4. Battery is half – Green LED blinks 3 times
    5. Battery is one quarter – Green LED blinks 2 times
    6. Battery is low – Green LED blinks 1 time
  • Misc. Bug Fixes

In addition to the above listed improvements, we’re also excited to announce that through the MAC version of the FUGOO Speaker Update Software, you are now able to control the following functionalities of your Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Change the Equalization mode of your FUGOO Speaker between “Normal/Bass Boost” and “Loud Mode”
  • Enter new Bluetooth Device Name to use when pairing your FUGOO Speaker.

Again, we’re really excited to be releasing these updates. We hope you enjoy all the new functionalities available for your FUGOO Speaker.


Please use the comments section below to ask questions or let us know what other features you’d like to see for our next upgrade.

  • Omer Sharav

    Controlling more than one unit would be awesome.
    I know that this feature exists in another speaker (ue boom) via a dedicated app.
    This would be great for playing music during bike trips with multiple riders.

    • http://www.fugoo.com/ FUGOO

      Omer – Thanks for the input, we’re actually working on an update currently that would address allow for this functionality. While it’s not a simple update, it’s something we’re really excited to introduce to our product. We’ll keep you up to date with the progress – thanks again for the suggestion!

  • Jeff Colter

    Are there just two modes of operation Bass Boost (which is normal) and Loud? I’d second being able to link up two or more speakers and have them playing the same thing would be a great feature to enhance to outdoor/party functionality of the speaker.

    • http://www.fugoo.com/ FUGOO

      Jeff – yes, currently there the two available playback modes are Bass Boost and Loud – you can access these from the Speaker Update Software after you’ve installed the latest firmware update. We’ll keep everyone up to date on the multi-unit control feature progress. Thanks for your input and support!

      • eric

        Can you elaborate on the differences between “Bass Boost” and “Loud”? When I switch between the two in the software I hear no immediate difference until I power cycle the device. Then I can tell the “Loud” mode does indeed have less low-end but it’s pretty difficult to compare the maximum output. I’m assuming a setting named “Loud” does make it able to reach a louder volume and possibly project over a greater distance, but w/o being able to A/B compare the two and with apparently no documentation on any “EQ” related features makes it difficult to know what the real-world benefits are of either.

        All I can say from my own testing, is the “Loud” mode is the equivalent of rolling off the low end upwards of 300hz or possibly even higher- it really sucks any thump out. It would be useful in applications like listening to a podcast in the shower where a deep low-end will only hurt intelligibility, but having to boot up a machine running OSX (Win software has no such feature as of July 1) just to swap modes makes this kind of use case too tedious to be functional in the real world.

        What were the intended use cases of the different EQ settings? Any work being put into being able to change modes on the unit itself? Thanks!

        • http://www.fugoo.com/ FUGOO

          Eric – thanks for your insight and testing of the two modes. Our intent with “Loud Mode” is to roll off some bass (successful) and use some of the energy to gain some db of overall volume. We’ve been working on a new firmware update that we hope to release in the week or so that address’ volume and output much more definitively.

          The new update redesigns the audio pipeline to raise up soft gained songs while lowering overly high gain songs creating a more harmonious balance between different sources and songs. Then we look for overly heavy bass tracks and bring the bass down a bit, then raise the overall signal further down in the pipeline. Overall with the new update, we’re expecting to get a 3-6db increase in loudness.

          Let us know if you have any other questions and thanks again for your support!

          • Jeff Colter

            I must say I am impressed with your prompt response to peoples feedback. Keep it up and I’ll definitely be continuing to recommend your product and buying future new ones myself!! People who like having the latest and greatest tech also like to see the products being enhanced where possible, good job.

            Thank you,

          • http://www.fugoo.com Gary Elsasser

            Will do Jeff, appreciate the feedback!

        • http://www.fugoo.com Gary Elsasser

          Eric – Send an email to support@fugoo.com : Subject Beta Software and we have something for you to try. FUGOO

      • Connor Mckeever

        Hey I have a question, is there a “normal mode” a “loud mode” and a “bass boost mode” I can only seem to get my speaker to toggle between the normal and loud mode. How do I engage the bass boost function?

        • Warren Allen

          Hello, Connor…

          There are two playback level modes, which we now call Normal mode and Loud mode. Normal mode is
          default, and is designed for best overall sound, including bass
          with most types of music. Loud mode boosts the maximum loudness level,
          and is ideal for playing music outdoors, and in large rooms. Both modes
          employ dynamic realtime equalization to boost the loudness of songs that
          have been recorded at lower volume levels.

          • To switch from
          one mode to the other, start with the speaker off, then press and hold
          the Action (O) button and press the power button. The speaker will turn
          on, and announce which mode it’s in.

          – Warren
          Fugoo Support

  • Sid

    Will these 2 modes(Loudness & Bass Boost) affect playing time?

    • http://www.fugoo.com Gary Elsasser

      We don’t believe it will effect the half loudness 40 hour by much, the full loudness level could have some effect. We are testing it this week and will let you know.

  • Gary Miller

    It would be great to have a feature similar to other devices in which you can disengage the “power off” when the unit is connected to an outlet.

    • http://www.fugoo.com Gary Elsasser

      Your wish is our command ;)

      Here is the link to Beta 1.00.40 with your requested power saver off enabled. To try it out, hold the + and Action Button ( O ) at power on and same to disable it. Let us know what you think!

      Here’s the link:


      Gary – FUGOO Support

      • Gary Miller

        That was an amazingly fast response! I did download the Beta 1.00.40 and believe I followed your directions, but the unit continues to shut off when plugged in after a certain period of inactivity. I tried several different ways. First had the unit on and pressed both + and the Action button (0). There is no feedback to tell if anything has happened. I tried this several times to make sure, and it continued to shut off. Then tried holding onto the + and Action key (0) while turning on the unit. This, too, failed to disengage the automatic (Again, no audible or light response to tell me that my action led to a disengage). Could I be doing something wrong?

        Again, thank you again for your rapid response!
        Gary Miller

        • Warren

          Hello. Mark…

          To turn the Power Save feature off….

          1. Turn the speaker off, if it’s on.
          2. Hold down the Volume Down button (-)
          3. While holding down the Volume Down button, press the Power button briefly.

          The speaker should respond with “Power Save Off” (unless you have disabled voice prompts).
          Follow the same procedure again to turn the Power Save feature back on.

          For more information about this and all other features of the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker, please download our User Manual, at http://fugoo.com/downloads

          Best regards,
          – Warren
          Fugoo Support

  • andy schwartz

    hey guys – i owned the fugoo sport many months ago and i had to return it due to volume issues. i would purchase again in a second if the new update has a noticeable, not subtle, increase in volume without losing sound clarity. i love your product and you are certainly ahead of the pack – i need to feel comfortable that when i bring this out on my deck i will not lose volume as i go halfway across like my previous sport. please let me know your thoughts, and anyone else who wants to chime in so i can press the order now button. i also look forward to any new product releases because i know you guys will hit a home run. thanks for your time and your thoughts.

    • http://www.fugoo.com/ FUGOO

      Andy – thanks for your support and sorry to hear you returned the original Sport. Our latest firmware update (v 01.00.46 available at http://www.fugoo.com/downloads/ ) has made major improvements. From current shipping firmware, it takes Pandora Streaming Music up 23% louder in normal mode and iTunes Radio goes up 33%! Other content varies but quite a bit is similar.

      Then Loud Mode adds even more Loudness when you’re outside and playing. We have had content go as high as 50% louder. Though 20-30% is more likely.

      Hope this helps and please let us know if there are any other questions we can help with. Thanks again for your support!

  • http://pockethype.net/ Brian Hennemuth

    Still my favorite bluetooth speaker! No company could beat it yet: https://instagram.com/p/3PaSBFgUTt/?taken-by=brian.edition

  • Pluri Nominal

    I have very much problems with the Bluethooth, i have IMac with, Capitan 10.11.1 (15B42), and Iphne 5s whth the las IOS. I bought my Fugoo XL on Saturday November 28 at Best Buy Mac Allen texas and all was well until Tuesday, December 1 began to fade. I lit several times until he ran off, he said a voice, the battery was full but not turned on. My Fugoo was really dead, I reset it, but the problems ww the bluetooht there are lives; besides, whan i connect the cable in the input, Fuggo makes a hiss noise. Somebody Help Me !!!

  • Laura Gail Faulkner Harris

    do I need the updated firmware on my new xl?

  • George Smith

    Will this speaker link with another just like it?

  • Loki Goos

    is there a way to lock the buttons? stop nuisance pressing?

  • Namloc909


    Today I started noticing some horrendous sound quality from my original Fugoo Sport. The voice prompt sounds perfect when initialising but when playing a song of youtube or any audio file from my macbook the connectivity sounds really poor, the audio is choppy, and the audio seems to phase in and out. The volume also fluctuates massively.
    This is really disappointing because up until now the speaker has been rock solid. I updated to the newest firmware and tried out bass boost and outdoor settings but there is no change. Ive even updated my Mac to the newest version but still no improvement.

    Quite honestly the sound quality is god awful… Im hoping there is a quick way of working around this and I am hopeful because the voice prompt on the box still seems perfect quality, only when actually listening to music the speaker sounds like a busted pair of logitec speakers trying to buffer on a dial up connection!

    Help please!


    • Namloc909

      Two days ago, any help on this?

  • Cdale Tony

    Any plans for an android app or on-phone controls like an EQ?
    I am within inches of picking up a tough….!

    • Cdale Tony

      anyone? I returned the Tough, not loud enough- too clippy on the heavy base stuff at max volume..
      Might go with an XL

    • Stuart Backstrom

      I completely agree!! I love my androids as much as the next guy, but why don’t we ever get app control? I just want to see my battery life and heck even a 3 band EQ :(

      • Testingplease

        I downloaded an app called equalizer+… functions as a player, and gives me a 5 band eq…
        It works alright… I did get the XL and I love it… the EQ gives me a decent amount of adjustability .

  • Michel Dagenais

    There is no windows link for the update ??

  • Alex

    Where is the PC link to download the firmware???

  • Benjamin Green

    Sorry folks but the boomy bass is unbearable listening to orchestral music. Not the slightest bit of definition in the bass. I don’t know if it’s the passive radiators or the active equalization to blame. I’ve tried dialing down the bass at the source but your equalizer just kicks it up again. Is there any way to set the amplifier for flat response or just kill the equalization altogether? If not, as much as I like the specs and as nice as the mids and highs sound, I’m going to have to return it. Thanks.

    • fryingmonkey

      Have you tried setting it to Outdoor mode to cut the bass boost?

      • Benjamin Green

        I tried both modes. No discernable difference. Sorry, I ended up returning it. And have no plans for replacing it until I can find one that:

        1. Has a flat eq mode for the amplifier. If I want any eq, I’d rather set it using the sliders on my player than a button on the speaker.

        2. Lose the passive radiator. Every speaker I’ve heard with these not only sound boomy but seem to have a latency issue where sounds last longer than they should, kind of a low frequency echo.

        The audio industry has known how to build high fidelity amps and speakers since the ’60s. What is with this trend to build everything now so it sounds like one of those gangster cars with the deep tints and 2000 watt subwoofers that say f— you to everyone within a two block radius. I hate it. And I’m a bass player.

        • fryingmonkey

          Completely agree on the boomy sound and that trend in personal audio devices in general. 🙄 I stuck with it because I need something that can take a beating and sounds at least decent.

          See my post above – what really burns me is the bait-and-switch and complete lack of future support. For a $300 speaker that touted firmware as a feature. I won’t be coming back for a second helping.

          • Benjamin Green

            But 2015 is SO two years ago!

    • RC Hammer

      Fugoo XL as with most other speakers is not meant for classical, jazz, rock, and other music where sounds of true instruments are desired. What you need to get is the Riva Turbo X. I have both, so I can make an accurate comparison. Although the FXL sounds great for pop and dance, RTX sounds better than most BT speakers for natural sound with tight defined bass, mids, and highs. And yes, even better than the Bose Soundlink III.

      • Benjamin Green

        Thanks, I’ll give it a look/listen.

  • James

    Does Fugoo XL have/need a firmware update? Scoured the website and can’t seem to find anything…

    • fryingmonkey

      I just had an exchange with them regarding features supported on the older smaller model, and their reply was: “The XL has reached to do everything we intended it to regarding functionality and sound. The speaker came out in 2015 which is why we’ve now shifted focus to bringing out a newer product model.”

      The extensibility was no small part of my decision to pay the $300 or so for this unit, so this is a big disappointment. They listed the firmware updates as a feature.

      • http://www.linkedin.com/in/rhassall BSLugnut

        Thanks for sharing your exchange, as they have not yet responded to me.
        It’s interesting in that they stated “shifted focus to bringing out a newer product model”, yet it’s the same line as it was last May…

  • rconaway

    What is the status of the stereo mode?