FUGOO Louder

How to make your FUGOO Louder

While reviewing comments from a recent customer survey, we noticed that you wished that our FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker was louder.

Our latest firmware update for the speaker was focused heavily around making FUGOO louder. The outcome was awesome! With the new firmware update, our tests are showing FUGOO 20-30% louder, depending upon the song being played — compared to the firmware that was installed during manufacturing.

Want to make your FUGOO Louder?

Follow these steps to update your speaker’s firmware:

  1. Connect your speaker to your computer, with the supplied USB cable.
  2. Visit the Downloads page of our website.
  3. Download and Install the PC or Mac Updater Utility depending on your OS.
  4. Download and Save (not Open) the firmware file (firmware filename extension is .dfu). Default folder the firmware file is saved is “Downloads” folder.
  5. Open/Launch the Updater Utility and under the utility, browse to your Downloads folder and select the firmware file.

Once the update is complete, you’ll probably notice that any song you play is somewhat louder, and that songs that sounded relatively quiet before the update are significantly louder.

Make FUGOO Louder than that?

For even more loudness, try switching the speaker to ‘Loud Mode’ as follows:

Start with the speaker turned off. Hold down the Action (O) button, and then press the Power button. The speaker will say, “Powering on. Loud Mode.” Loud Mode may be especially welcome in very large rooms, or outdoors — in the backyard, at the beach… Some louder songs may introduce distortion, which will be less noticeable in large open spaces.

You can switch back to ‘Normal Mode’ by turning the speaker off and repeating step above i.e. Hold down the Action(o) button and then press the Power button.

For more information about using your FUGOO Bluetooth Speaker, please visit the Start page on our website.

For assistance please contact us at support@fugoo.com, or 877-435-7596.

FUGOO Support Team

  • TomT

    Thx for the update, but will there be a way to turn off the “Speaker is ON”, “Powering off” voice? Love how clear the music sound on the Fugoo speaker, but do wish it have a bit more bass

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