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FUGOO is amongst 12 Up-and-coming Retailers to Watch in 2016.

There are plenty of movers and shakers in the commerce industry, but so few of them get their due credit until they reach a particular tipping point at which their name becomes household. But many of these lesser-known retailers are building loyal, niche audiences that spread word of mouth marketing like wildfire –– allowing them to focus their efforts on site design, customer experience and innovative, albeit cost-effective, initiatives.

After all, this is no dot com boom era a la the 90s and early 2000s. Successfully scaling businesses must keep an eye on revenue and ensure profitability. For the entrepreneur or businessperson within each of us, however, these businesses are the grit and grind reality checks needed, reminding us all that success is attainable –– but rarely without hard work, daring leaps of faith and admirable persistence.

Fugoo is one of the coolest, wireless speakers you’ll come across –– and the industry is starting to take serious notice. In 2015, the team forged a holiday deal with Best Buy as an exclusive distributor. But, don’t fret –– as of 2016, you can find Fugoo’s in stores throughout the U.S.

Beyond the awards the product keeps winning and the bigger brand collaborations in place, Fugoo is a brand to watch solely for its marketing and on-site experience. With various speakers designed for varying individuals and lifestyles, beautiful product and lifestyle photography and a seamless site navigation –– Fugoo wins merely for making the on-site experience so cool.

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    Great article! I always tell people I am not a promoter or marketer, but that there are a few products and places I will always endorse. FUGOO is among these things, along with the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake shore and some of my favorite workout supplements. As you pointed out in this article, FUGOO speaks for it’s self when it comes to performance, durability, and style.