FUGOO Style Speaker Jackets (Just in Time for Beach Season)

It’s summer… Did you read that right?


Time to get out there, get some color and rock your summer style.

And the FUGOO Style Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect summer sidekick. You know about its beauty, brains and best-in-class audio, but the Style has another trick up its sleeve that could change your outlook this summer…

Dress Your FUGOO Style for Summer

With a lightweight fiber-reinforced resin shell and waterproof cloth covering, FUGOO Style is already equipped to take on any adventure. But with three new classic color profiles, now it’s equipped to take over any atmosphere.

Sand Jacket


Kick off your flip flops.  The Sand Jacket dresses your FUGOO Style for sun and surf.  Water, dust, and sand?  Don’t sweat it.  With its resilient design and custom reinforced casing, the Sand Jacket protects your FUGOO speaker from anything the beach throws its way.

Charcoal Jacket


Fire up your favorite playlist.  The Charcoal jacket wraps your FUGOO style for all-day adventures.  Water, dust, mud, or BBQ fingers can’t even keep your audio down.  With its resilient design and custom reinforced casing, the Charcoal Jacket protects your FUGOO speaker from whatever you throw its way.

Red Jacket


Roll out the red carpet.  The Red Jacket puts your FUGOO Style front and center for all-day audio.  Forget about party fouls or nasty spills.  With its resilient design and custom reinforced casing, the Red Jacket keeps your audio protected from whatever you throw its way.

How to Change the Jacket

Swapping out your style is easy, and with a few tries it’ll feel as natural as Mr. Rogers slipping on a cardigan.  Check out steps for how to swap out your FUGOO style jackets:



  1. Flip your FUGOO Style speaker upside down
  2. Find the metal tab with a blue arrow
  3. Pull up on the blue arrow and push the speaker core out from the opposite side


  1. Pick the FUGOO Style Jacket you want to use
  2. Flip the Core and Jacket over
  3. Make sure the blue arrows point the same direction
  4. Slide the core into the Jacket

Play and Pause from Your Wrist

Okay, now you’re just showing off.  The FUGOO Remote Control can be worn around your neck, strapped to your wrist or kept close in your pocket, giving you control over smartphones and other devices synced up to your FUGOO speaker.

With its waterproof outer casing, you don’t have to worry about splashes or high tide.  And just for kicks, there’s a built in bottle-opener on the back.

Play Dirtier w/ Sport and Tough Speaker Jackets

We’ve been talking a lot about customizing your FUGOO Style with interchangeable jackets, but what if your summer plans call for a little less lounging and a lot more action?

Might we suggest the Sport Jacket or Tough Jacket? The beauty of FUGOO Bluetooth Speakers is that the Core technology can be dressed and protected with by the FUGOO jacket you choose.

No matter where this summer leads you, with FUGOO interchangeable jackets and accessories, your music will never be far behind.


All great adventures have a great playlist.  What does yours sound like?  Share your summer plans, summer music selects, and playlist recommendations in the comments below.