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GoPro Mountain Games Event Recap

In early June, the team at FUGOO headed out to Vail, Colorado to attend the GoPro Mountain Games. Joined by world class athletes, world class brands and a world class crowd of fans we debuted our product. The 3 day event was all we anticipated and much, much more. Our days were spent capturing action, participating in events and demo’ing FUGOO at our two booth locations. Our nights were spent taking in the music in Vail Village for the Bud Light Mountains of Music concerts. We met tons of great people and the response to our waterproof Bluetooth speaker was amazing. A huge thank you goes out to GoPro Mountain Games, Vail Valley Foundation and all the people we met during the event.

GoPro Mountain Games Athletes + Action

The Mountain Games is host to a diverse mix of athletes. Rock climbers, kayakers, stand-up paddlers, fly-fishers, slackliners, mountain bikers, runners and dogs that can jump further than you might imagine. We had the opportunity to meet a handful of these athletes and interview a few of the stand-outs. Everyone we spoke with was hyped on the event and excited to share the experience of their sport. Athlete interviews included rock-climbers Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods, kayaker Nick Troutman, slackliner Justin Wagers and fly fisherman Caleb Van Wagner. We even interviewed one of the dogs from the “DockDogs Big Air” competition. The athletes exuded such raw passion for their respective disciplines and the outdoors in general. Each uniquely inspiring. Thanks to all who took the time to chat with us.

Daniel Woods Rock ClimbingKayaking Steep CreekFreeride Mountain Biking

Along with the athletes throughout the events, we were able to link up with Gibbon Slacklines, who held the 2014 Slackline World Cup over the course of the 3 day event. As a brand partner, we jumped into the action each day. The athletes at this event are amazing and the crowds that gather are equally animated. During the Slackline events we did product tosses and speaker giveaways to help Gibbon keep the crowd amped. The final heat of the World Cup was held Sunday where Jaan Roose and Alex Mason battled it out for the title. Jaan Roose ended up taking the win in the end but it wasn’t easy. Big thanks to Gibbon for the inclusion in the event and for the hospitality over the weekend.

FUGOO Speaker Giveaway

Gerber Gear Town Booth Experience

FUGOO is waterproof, shockproof, mudproof and snowproof. We know from experience that it’s one thing to read that on a website or see it in a video and something completely different to experience it first hand. Our main focus at the GoPro Mountain Games was to make that experience tangible to everyone we could. Our booth in Gerber Gear town featured a dunk tank where people could submerge the speaker. We performed countless shock tests at the booth as well. No special tanks were needed for that one, though. We simply let people toss them in the air and drop them on the ground, proving the durability further.

FUGOO at GoPro Mountain Games

Hats, stickers, shirts, bags and carabiners made up our arsenal of swag for the event. The FUGOO Girls were handing out swag to participants who joined us on Instagram by posting pics with the girls. By the third day we were nearly out of product, and the hats were a huge hit with everyone. It was an incredibly rewarding experience walking around the event seeing so many people wearing them.

Bud Light Mountains of Music Booth Experience

Nightly concerts kept the crowd alive. Located just a hundred yards or so from the main stage, our booth drew a lively crowd each night. We met them with more swag, some rad games to keep the energy level high and of course the FUGOO Girls were in the mix. The artist lineup each night was amazing. Standout performances included Bonfire Dub, Xavier Rudd, Soft White Sixties, Tokyo Police Club, A Million Billion Dying Suns and Cold War Kids.

GoPro Mountain Games FUGOO

Each night we setup our “Worlds Toughest Speaker” speaker toss game. The crowd could win swag by tossing a FUGOO speaker into a group of water filled buckets. The buckets were set back about 5 or 6 feet, kind of like an oversized game of musical beer pong. The speakers all held Tough through the weekend. They took a beating but kept cranking and at the end of the weekend still powered on and played like they were brand new.

Another Big Thank You to GoPro Mountain Games, Vail Valley Foundation, all the rad people and athletes we met and everyone in Vail for sharing their beautiful town for the event. We had a genuinely amazing time and can’t wait to be there again next year.

If you were at the GoPro Mountain Games and got one of our hats, speakers, or any of the other swag, share a pic on Facebook or Instagram. We’d love to connect socially and see what kind of adventures they’ve been on with you.

Our next scheduled event is this August 6 – 9 in Salt Lake City, UT at the Outdoor Retailer Event.

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