Ideal Day in California with the best portable Bluetooth speaker

Ideal California Day

We’re pretty darn lucky at the Fugoo headquarters in Irvine, California. Within just a few hours’ driving time, we can go from snowboarding some of the best slopes in the country to sunbathing and surfing at pristine beaches.

So just for fun, we thought we’d share our idea of a perfect day in Cali: It would start out with a misty morning bike ride along the coast in Big Sur to warm up the joints, followed by a brisk, refreshing dip in the Pacific. Next we’d head to an outdoor fitness bootcamp on Venice Beach for some kettle bell swingin’ and tire slammin’ before making our way to San Diego for dinner, wine and a sunset swim with our closest pals.

California Surfing

But our ideal day has got to have tunes to set the mood, right? If we tried towing the typical run-of-the-mill speaker with us, this epic day could easily turn into a waking technological nightmare: Bumps and bruises from the bouncy bike ride, sand and sweat in the speaker’s nooks and crannies, and a dead battery by the time our workout was finished. Not exactly our idea of a stellar “dream day” sidekick.

Which is exactly why we designed our rugged Bluetooth speaker to keep up with a demanding lifestyle. Picture a streamlined Fugoo Sport strapped securely to your bike’s crossbar, pumping your favorite tunes as you climb that monster hill. After a romp at the beach you can just rinse off the sand, because this durable portable speaker is waterproof, baby. Or the Fugoo Tough: Rugged enough to tag along to boot camp and keep you pumped up with Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” even after taking a tumble off your truck bed. And of course, the Fugoo Style: It’s sleek but still waterproof, ideal for adding ambiance at even the most luxurious poolside cabanas.

So how does a single Fugoo portable speaker transition so seamlessly from one stop to the next during our ideal day? It’s all in the three replaceable, interchangeable speaker cases: Tough, Sport, and Style. There’s one rugged enough for any outdoor shenanigans you might get into, one specifically made for athletic endeavors, and another that’s stylish and perfect for impressing your friends at the pool – all while delivering impeccable sound quality and an unbeatable music experience. And in the unlikely event that the case does become damaged in a barbell disaster or mountain biking face plant, never fear – just replace the jacket, not the speaker. It’s durability meets customization – because during our ideal day, we shouldn’t have to choose.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below – what would your ideal California day look like?