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Joe’s Valley with Alex Puccio

What a month November has been. First off I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner and break! My favorite was all the pie eating. :) now its time to get to work and burn it all off.

I actually spent my Thanksgiving break in a place called Joe’s valley. Its a really beautiful place right outside of Orangeville, Utah. If you are thinking where is that then thats about right. Orangeville is in the middle of nowhere!! There main attraction is a gas station/grocery store called “The Food Ranch”.  Even tho theres not much around Joe’s Valley its still a very popular place amongst us climbers. Sometimes its nice and relaxing to be able to get away from everything and just be able to focus on doing what you love to do.

On my trip I managed to get up some nice climbs. The first day out there we went to a famous climb called “Black Lung” V13. Its one of Americas most famous boulder problems and it has been on my life time goals list. I was extremely close to accomplishing this goal my very first day on it, but left with it still being a goal. I was sure I would climb it my next day on it, but the next day ended up with me just being very frustrated and defeated! Sometimes I get lost in my emotions if I want something too much. I definitely lost my composure a bit, but I was finally able to put things into perspective. I was on a trip/ vacation with my boyfriend and friends and I needed to appreciate that even if I leave without reaching my goals and expectations. After my second day on my project and feeling a lot better bout the situation we took a couple rest days due to a crazy snow storm. Rest days are the best for eating lots of tasty bad food for you, but they sure can be boring! ;)

Alex Puccio Joes Valley

Now its my third day on “Black Lung” and I just took 2 rest days before coming back to the climb. It felt hard still, really hard. It was also really cold out. The high for the day was 30 degrees. Thanks to Joel and Ben for helping me get the ice and snow off the climb before I tried it. And also a big thanks to the portable heater that Joel brought for us! Without the heater I don’t know if I could climb at all on the trip. So after the ice was all off the climb and I warmed up as much as I could by the heater I threw myself at the climb. I tried and tried and tried and was getting so close, but it just wasn’t coming together yet. I was getting really tired and a bit down. I told Joel that I would just have a couple more tries and then call it a day. My last go, I got on the wall and next thing I knew I was climbing to the top! I Was so excited to have ticked a box off my long list of life time goals!! :)

After sending “Black Lung” I was able to just relax and I didn’t really care what I did on the rest of my trip. We had about 4 days left on our trip and the weather was starting to warm up nicely. We just went out having fun and enjoying ourselves everyday. I was able to climb a few more really nice boulders that were a bit below my limit, but still pretty difficult. We had a lot of laughs, good food and nice weather. In the end I couldn’t ask for a much better trip! :)

alex puccio bouldering

Now looking forward to all that December has to offer! I have competitions, lots of work, going to see family and Christmas! Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday and not just because of all the great presents. ;) I really love getting together with all my family back in Texas. I come from a huge family and living in Colorado sure does make me miss them. Christmas is the time where we all become a whole again. And we eat TONS of amazing food!!!  Check out my blog next month to see how December plays out.