Outdoor Fitness with the Go Anywhere Speaker

Summer is upon us, and for the active-minded and vitamin D-deprived, the approaching sunny season means one very exciting thing: It’s time to move those stuffy gym workouts to the great outdoors. Luckily, FUGOO’s portable wireless speakers are the perfect companion for whatever butt-kicking, sweat-dripping workouts the hot and humid days might have in store. To help kick off your summertime fitness endeavors on the right foot, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorite outdoor exercises. Try one or all of them – we guarantee that with the right attitude, an awesome playlist, and your Go Anywhere Speaker, these movements will have your muscles burning in no time.

Go Anywhere Speaker by FUGOO Before you start your workout, be sure to securely stow your FUGOO + Sport nearby: lamp or basketball posts are both excellent options for utilizing the strap mount accessory. (With your FUGOO speaker, there’s no need to worry about fussing with headphone wires or sagging audio player armbands while you get shred.) Once your jams are pumping, we recommend starting your workout with a 15-minute warm up sequence that includes dynamic stretching and a light jog. Dynamic stretching (as opposed to static stretching) gets your muscles working through constant, controlled movements which mimic the activities you’ll be doing during your workout, instead of through stretching while simply standing still. Think arm circles if you’ll be slamming weighted wall balls, or leg swings if you’ll be doing box jumps.

After you’re finished warming up, it’s time to move on to the tougher stuff. Agility ladders are a great way to work on coordination and to develop brain-to-muscle connection. Simply lay a speed ladder flat on the ground (or if you don’t have one, a few ropes arranged to form two columns will do the trick) and run through it several times, varying your footwork each time. Focus on keeping your knees high and staying on the ball of your foot as you sprint through your drills, and for bonus points, play something with a fast beat on your Go Anywhere Speaker and try to time your steps to the music.

Once your heart rate is up, transition to kettlebell exercises. The options are endless when it comes to these, so take your pick: Swing them, curl them, or if they’re heavy enough to challenge you, try taking them for a nice long farmer’s walk. (Your FUGOO + Sport will ensure that you don’t miss a beat no matter what direction you walk, thanks to its 360-degree sound.) Just be sure to utilize proper form and posture any time you work with kettlebells to prevent injury.

Lastly, devote five solid minutes to hitting the battle ropes. Create the station by picking a sturdy tree and fastening your FUGOO Go Anywhere speaker to it above shoulder-height with the strap mount accessory. Then simply thread a long rope behind the tree and hold each end of the rope, keeping the tree in the apex. With a flat back, sink into a squat and start “slamming” each end of the rope into the ground, causing a wave effect away from you. Try to keep up this motion for the full length of a song, breaking as needed to rest. If you need a little musical inspiration, here are a few we love:

How I Feel, Flo Rida
Ten Feet Tall (David Guetta Remix), Afrojack
Radioactive, Imagine Dragons
Summer, Calvin Harris
Sail, Awolnation
Til I Collapse, Eminem
I Made It, Kevin Rudolph
Red Lights, Tiesto
Contact, Daft Punk

When you’ve had enough of your fitness fun for the day, clean up is easy: Just pack up your ropes and kettlebells and wipe down your FUGOO waterproof speaker with a damp cloth, or simply rinse it off in a fountain. And speaking of water – be sure to rehydrate with plenty of H₂O. After this sweat sesh, you’re going to need it.

Have a favorite outdoor exercise you could use a FUGOO with? Please share it with us in the comments below!