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Ryan Moss – Dear Mexico

Dear Mexico,

I sit here still drunk off your kiss. I can still taste your sweet lime on my lips. The ocean breeze whipping across my face and the salt still stuck in my hair. Oh sweet Mexico, you’ve left your sweet melodic voice still ringing in my ears. How I have tried to avoid you for so many years, but yet you still leave me coming back for more.

Mexico, we come to play and feast and you are quiet the hostess. You are so elegant, so sweet, and cater to so many. You never deny anyone the dream, the dream of one day taming you and your wild ways. But, we all know your kiss, your ever so sweet lips leaves us hung over and asking, “Why and how?”

I have one last farewell to bid you before we go our separate ways into the sunset like a Tequila dream. So I say to you Mexico, Adios mi amor. I shall never forget this love affair.

Always and Forever,

Ryan Moss

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