Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Escaping Summer Heat with Kristen Bor

“Smooooth, smooth sailin’”

I was singing along to a smooth melody by Leon Bridges, a soul singer from Texas, as I skimmed across the perfectly cool water in the Causey Reservoir feeling incredibly stoked on life.


I just moved to Salt Lake City about a month ago, and with the triple digit temps we’ve been having, I was itching to get out on the water. So I started looking into the best places to go stand up paddle boarding in the greater Salt Lake region and found that there are several reservoirs where people SUP.

Out of all the places to go, the Causey Reservoir near Ogden seemed most appealing. This 140 acre lake sits in a three fingered canyon at 5,700 feet above sea level, and there are no motor boats allowed. This means on a calm day, the lake is smooth as glass.

My friend and I rented our boards from Detours SUP Rentals in the nearby town of Huntsville. We then strapped them on to the roof of my friend’s Subie and headed 15 minutes further up the road to the lake.

The only road that led to the water was dirt, and when we arrived on a mid-morning weekday there were only a few cars parked in the small lot where we would be putting in.


I grabbed my camera, tunes, and sunscreen, and after quickly unloading the car, we were off. Deep in the National Forest, surrounded by pine covered mountains and rocky cliffs, the landscape was exactly what we were looking for.

it was a bit cooler up there – in the mid-80s – ideal for summer in the mountains. After slowly making our way back towards the end of the main canyon, I grabbed my FUGOO speaker and put on my favorite Bob Dylan album – Nashville Skyline. It was time to veg.

I’d only been stand up paddle boarding a handful of times, and I recently took a lesson on a trip to Huntington Beach. On this day, we were quickly learning that yes, SUPing can be a great form of exercise. But what’s even better is lying back, listening to your favorite songs, and soaking in those summer rays while letting the gentle ripples rock you back and forth. Now that’s the life.


For the next couple of hours, we alternated between sunbathing, swimming, and paddling. After all, we were out there to get a little core workout too. And when it came time to move, I hummed along with whatever music was playing and let the tempo guide my pace.


In one of my previous posts here on the FUGOO blog, I talk about the need to redefine “adventure.” My thought is that an adventure is anything that gets you out there and having fun. It doesn’t matter how tough or extreme it is.

By that definition, my day at the Causey Reservoir is another adventure for the books, and I can’t wait to see what else Salt Lake has in store for the summer. So stay tuned!

The Causey Reservoir is located about an hour away from downtown Salt Lake. For some helpful beginner tips on stand up paddle boarding, be sure to check out Kristen’s blog at You can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.