Stand Up Paddle Boarding Indonesia

Discover Stand Up Paddle Boarding Indonesia

Stand up paddle boarding is fast becoming one of the most popular outdoor recreational sports in the world, largely because it’s one of the easiest ways to get out into the ocean and feel the freedom of the water. The big boards can also help you catch more waves, navigate crowds and ride longer. If you’re a FUGOO fan and you’re reading this, the odds are you’ve probably tried it before. However, what you may not be thinking about, is taking your p-boarding to new heights by journeying across the globe, and discovering what it feels like to walk on the clearest, most welcoming blue water in the world. We’re talking about stand up paddle boarding Indonesia, and if you’ve got the means and the passport, it could be one of the best decisions you ever make.Stand Up Paddle Boarding Indonesia

Stand up paddle boarding Indonesia is like taking a trip to a real-life Disneyland, except there are no lines for the rides, no people dressed up as children’s characters and no faux rocks. It’s you, your board, your paddle, and countless bays, waves, cays and lagoons for you to explore—all while spending your nights surrounded by the people, food and warmth of Southeast Asia.

If all you’re looking to do is paddle around a calm, breathtaking stretch of coastline, your best bet may be to check out one of the countless inlets and reefs of the Coral Triangle, where you’ll find uninhabited tranquility and crystal-blue water for as far as your eyes can see.

For the novice stand up paddle boarder who’s not quite ready to play in the serious Indo waves, a great place to start your Indonesian adventure may be in a laid-back spot like the Macaronis Resort in the Mentawai Islands or Nihiwatu on Sumba Island. While it does take some genuine effort to arrive at these destinations, the reward will undoubtedly pay out in dividends. These secluded, epic places offer stand up paddle boarders of all levels the opportunity to explore surf spots and reefs without the hassle of chasing waves or potentially getting in over your head in conditions you’re not comfortable with.

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If you’re an experienced stand up paddle surfer, number one of the must-visit places on any Indo trip is Bali. Located on the Indian Ocean side of Indonesia, the many breaks of Bali are home to some of the best waves in the world on any given day. As many of them are difficult to navigate and get to, either tapping into local knowledge or hiring a guide can greatly enhance the chances of getting into the barrel of your dreams.

While the waves and the water may be the main draw of an Indonesian getaway, the time spent at the resort or around the campfire with your friends and travel mates can provide just as amazing memories. In Indonesia, life is slow, laid back and welcoming.



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