Tough Mudder with FUGOO Tough

FUGOO Tough takes on the Tough Mudder

FUGOO Tough has been named the most rugged Bluetooth Speaker available. It’s been driven over by cars, slammed into the ground, thrown from a 4th story balcony (thats a whole different story) and endured its fair share of beatings out on the trails. We have yet to see FUGOO Tough back down from a challenge much less stop playing music during any of the torture fests.

Recently, one of our Tough patrons took it out for a new challenge. The Tough Mudder. We’ll let you be the judge of just how rugged FUGOO Tough is. Check out the testimonial and recap from the event below and let us know if you think you’ve got a challenge for FUGOO Tough.

I called your sales team a while ago asking if this speaker would be able to hold up to the Tough Mudder race. When I spoke to the rep, they said many of the items I described seemed like what the speaker was designed to take but they couldn’t say for sure because it’s a pretty enduring challenge.

The speaker would be subjected to being repeatedly banged on the ground, scraped across mud and hard earth, banged into wood & concrete obstacles, submerged in 10 feet of water (several times – once in 35 degree water) and up to 5 feet of different types of mud (more times than I could count). All this while we try and run through the 12 miles that separate the obstacles before the finish line. Oh, did I forget to mention the live electric wires that might shock it? Suffice it to say, they were hesitant to give me any assurance.

So, last weekend, I ran the race with the speaker in the tough case. I had it mounted onto a hip holster platform held up by a pistol belt. I was a very stable platform and kept it level for several jogs leading up to the event so I was confident that it would hold up.

Tough Mudder Bluetooth Speaker

Last Saturday (9/20/2014) was the big day and the speaker finished the race. We couldn’t kill that thing! No matter what we through at it and how beat up it got on my hip, the thing wouldn’t die. We had two instances in which it disconnected over Bluetooth and we had to reset the connection (might have been the phone) but in the end – we had 3.5 hours of screaming music and a group that just kept growing. Every group we ran up to just said “OK, they’ve got music, we’re running with them.” We made sure everyone knew which speaker to get if they’re looking to light up their race next time.

Rugged Bluetooth Speaker at Tough Mudder

We’ve run the Tough Mudder before but my team had never been given the privilege of climbing the ropes while listening to the Karate Kid theme song or the joy of Rick-rolling 50 of your closest racers.

FUGOO Tough at Tough Mudder

Thanks for making this thing practically indestructible. I don’t plan on carrying it into any live-fire situations, so I think it’ll get the job done in any situation. I’ve already been recommending it to everyone I see. The next goal is to clean the thing up so we can take it on vacation next week!

Huge thanks goes out to Andrew M. and the team for including FUGOO on your Tough Mudder experience and for the awesome recap of the event. Can’t wait to see what adventures are yet to come.